Church’s Position

The purpose of this website is to promote the Message of Our Lady of Mount Carmel given for the world (“para todos”) at Garabandal, Spain on October 18,1961 and June 18,1965.

Concerning the theological content of these messages, His Excellency Bishop Eugenio Beitia of Santander through the official nota of July 8,1965 declared:

“We point out, however, that we have not found anything deserving of ecclesiastical censorship or condemnation either in the doctrine or in the spiritual recommendations that have been publicized as having been addressed to the faithful, for these contain an exhortation to prayer and sacrifice, to Eucharistic devotion, to veneration of Our Lady in traditional praiseworthy ways, and to holy fear of God offended by our sins. They simply repeat the common doctrine of the Church in these matters.”

The apparitions at Garabandal concluded on November 13,1965 and remain under investigation by the Roman Catholic Church which has not pronounced a final position on the events.

During this period of discernment, the Message of Garabandal remains open to promotion in obedience to lawful Church authority. Necessary facts pertaining to the origin and context of the Message may be circulated in order to provide the faithful with accurate and reliable information and to establish credibility.

Visiting priests are permitted to say Holy Mass in the village Church of San Sebastian de Garabandal and to hear confessions.

The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal will accept the final position of the Roman Catholic Church on these matters when it is promulgated.