Joey’s Story

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Dear Joey: Today at the pines in a locution the Blessed Virgin told me to tell you you will receive new eyes on the day of the Great Miracle. . .

Joey Lomangino, who has dedicated his life to spreading the Message of Garabandal, is totally and incurably blind. But, through the above quote from a letter from the Garabandal visionary Conchita Gonzalez, Joey has the assurance that he will one day see.

Over thirty years ago, a young Spanish visionary named Conchita gave him a card with the Garabandal Message written on it. She asked him, “Will you do it sir, and tell others to do it? Joey’s reply was, “Yes”. He believes this is Our Lady’s Message and he has never turned his back on her.

Through the years he has enjoyed his beautiful family, made and kept many friends, was a successful business man and has met many prominent spiritual leaders along the way.

Please view a photo gallery of a few of these special moments.

Joey’s Family (1983)

Joey with lifelong friends

Going first by oxcart to Garabandal in l964

Joey’s Story was included in the documents for the cause of Padre Pio’s canonization

With Cardinal Sin of the Philippines during the expansion of the International Apostolate

The New York Center Pilgrimage to Rome was a special event as the Lomangino family had the opportunity to meet and be blessed by Pope John Paul II at the July 12, 1989 General Audience
Joey was honored to meet Archbishop of Moscow, Tedeusz Kondrusiewicz, Bishop John Paul Lenga of Kazakstan and Cardinal Swiatek of Belarus while they were in New York in 1990.

In l995, Joey appeared on Mother Angelica Live. Over l5,000 letters came in the first week following the show. Joey appeared on the show three more times.

In Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, on September 29, l99l John Cardinal O’Connor made Joey a Knight of the Holy Sepulcher. The Cardinal challenged those being invested to always be aware of their obligation to be leaders in the spread of the faith, the defense of Church doctrine, loyalty to the Holy Father and the defense of the rights of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land.

The Lomangino Family (2000)

In 1995 EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) invited Joey to appear on Mother Angelica Live. Joey was on EWTN four times.

Put together Mother Angelica and Joey Loma ngino speaking about Garabandal and you come up with one of the most popular Mother Angelica Live programs ever seen on EWTN. (First telecast on August 4,1995)

> Mother Angelica Live
> Mother Angelica Live


When I met Conchita in Garabandal in 1963, she was just a teenager. She wrote to me in New York telling me to come to the village in 1965 for the second Message. We have been friends for 36 years.

Recently, we had lunch in her home in New York. She is a grandmother now. Following my heart attack in October 1999, she came to my house to pray and now I was very grateful to be able to return the visit.

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We talked about the acceptance of every kind of suffering and the importance of the Holy Eucharist. Conchita said so many people are asking each other what to do and who has the answers, but have forgotten, she went on, that the answer is Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

” Go to the church by yourself and sit in front of the Real Presence. Listen,” she said, “don’t talk, listen to the Lord. He will tell you what to do.”

She reminded me of the Holy Father and the physical suffering he endures, “This is what makes his efforts especially pleasing to God.”

Padre Pio said it best, “If you knew the value of suffering, you wouldn’t give it up.”

–Joey Lomangino