Everything You Do Becomes a Sacrifice

Dear Friends of Our Lady,

In 2002 the New York Center closed GARABANDAL Magazine and moved our operations to the Internet. That year we sent out our first email to stay in touch with our former subscribers and to reach out to new promoters and friends. This form of communication has become an effective means for passing on the news and distributing material. Archived emails can be reviewed at the bottom of the Joey’s Message page of our website which presents a history of our recent work on the web.

Over the years we have sent out reflections emphasizing different aspects of the Message. They include the importance of Eucharistic devotion and the rosary, prayer for priests and the special dignity of the priesthood, devotion to Saint Michael and the necessity of the scapular. Today we want to highlight the important practice of sacrifice and penance as it pertains to Garabandal.

The sacrifice and penance called for by Our Lady at Fatima and again in the Garabandal Message is simply the fulfillment of our state in life, remaining faithful to the vocation to which we are called, and the patient acceptance of the ordinary penances that come to us everyday. It is not the severe asceticism of the hermits; hair shirts, bread and water, sleeping on the floor, or putting stones in your shoes. For many people their simple daily routine is far more challenging than these other extreme notions of penance.

The daily prayer of consecration is known as the Morning Offering of Reparation. By reciting this prayer faithfully, everything you do each day becomes a consecrated sacrifice and merits the grace which converts sinners, frees souls in Purgatory, and strengthens the Church. Imagine how powerful this prayer can be at this particular moment for our nation, the Church and the world in the midst of such acute suffering and widespread hardship.

The prayer is easily memorized. We have included it below. We encourage you to consecrate your life to God each day through the Morning Offering and to promote this prayer in your own home and where you can. Accept the trials and suffering that must come in the ordinary course of life with courage and trust and unite yourself to God, thinking of the Passion of Jesus.

Promoting the Message:
-For our English and Spanish speaking subscribers who are members of a family or religious prayer group or lay association and would like to distribute DVDs of the Message of Garabandal among the group, send an email with DVD PACK in the subject line to joey@garabandalny.org and we will send you a package of 10 DVDs to distribute. Please include the name of the organization, your name, address, country and zip code. Remember to seek the approval of the appropriate authority, if necessary, before distributing these DVDs.

The Scapular:
-The rosary and scapular are essential in this time of crisis. If you cannot easily obtain a scapular, send an email with SCAPULAR in the subject line to joey@garabandalny.org with your mailing address included and we will provide you with one gratis.

Garabandal on the Internet:
-We want to encourage the Garabandal web community around the world to continue their efforts in making Our Lady’s Message known as she requested. If you forward our emails to your contacts list, post a link to our site in chat rooms and message boards or share the Garabandal story with friends on a social network site, you are very much a part of Our Lady’s work, a true Worker of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal.

We are very grateful for your assistance and are sure you will share in the blessings we all receive from this wonderful work. We especially want to thank those who spread the Message in other countries and languages, reaching those we cannot. This year we have heard from internet promoters in over forty five foreign countries. We are united with all of you in your prayers and works and you and your intentions are certainly included when the Masses for the Workers around the world are said on the 18th of each month. Please continue to pray and promote.