Think of the Passion of Jesus

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Dear Friends,

As we begin the season of Lent, let us remember the words of the first message of Our Lady of Mount Carmel given at Garabandal on October 18th, 1961.

We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.

The message is a continuation of the call for sacrifice and penance given at Fatima in 1918. The Garabandal apparitions echo and update many of the themes first announced at Fatima.

This first message was almost immediately dismissed because of its simplicity. We can see now in the light of history, that this call for sacrifice and penance was directly opposed to a growing theological movement of the time which called for abandonment of the Church’s traditional penitential practices and even the idea of divine chastisements as inconsistent with the spirit of the age and the loving nature of God.

After the Council, this new theology would take hold in many Catholic Churches throughout the world, weakening the devotion and discipline of the clergy and the laity.

At Garabandal, the Blessed Virgin reiterates the importance of penance as a participation in the Eucharistic and sacrificial love of Jesus Christ for his Church.

The sacrifices proposed at Garabandal and practiced by the four seers were marked by a spirit of holy simplicity and spiritual humility. They included the frequent renunciation of small creature comforts, willing submission to the will of God made manifest through the course of daily life, and acts of charity and love for neighbor which were difficult or distasteful.

These stories were recorded in many of the original books written on Garabandal and are featured on our website – – in various places. Fr. Pelletier’s treatment entitled, “But above all we must lead good lives” is located at the top of the Best of Garabandal page.

The admonitions to sacrifice and penance were made again in the second message with our Lady’s counsel, “You should make more sacrifices.”

Please continue to spread the Message of Garabandal as Our Lady requested.

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Please remember during the Lenten season the final words of the Message, “Think of the Passion of Jesus.” May God grant you a holy and prayerful Lent.

Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Lindenhurst, NY USA