Other Prophecies

by Connie Hoebich

Are we focusing on prophecy or on sanctification?
Prophecy has a mysterious power with men. Some shrink from it, others thrive…

The miracle of the Visible Host, on July 18, 1962, was performed to confirm the apparitions of Garabandal. Conchita referred to this as a “tiny miracle.” Other extraordinary phenomena, such as ecstatic falls and marches, also accompanied the apparitions—again, to help people see the hand of God in these events. However, the greatest proof of all, that is, the “extremely great” miracle Conchita speaks of in her Diary, is yet to come. Before this miracle is performed, Conchita says, Our Lord “will send the warning to purify us so that we may better appreciate the miracle by which he clearly proves His love for us.” Our Lady also told Conchita about a chastisement which Our Lord will send if mankind does not “heed the messages of the Blessed Virgin and the miracle.”

In addition to these three main prophecies given at Garabandal—the warning, the miracle and the chastisement—there are several others found in Conchita’s Diary, her letters, or through interrogations of her.

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Our Lady Said at Garabandal:

Of primary concern to the people of today is the impending threat of a nuclear holocaust with the major superpowers (and lesser powers!) in possession of weapons that can turn the world’s centers of civilization into piles of rubble within a matter of minutes. Heads of State and Church leaders have labored under the burden of how to deal with the problem. But we know from what Our Lady said at Garabandal concerning another world war, that there is nothing to worry about. It will never happen.

On at least three occasions, Conchita has addressed herself to this question.

The first source of reference is Joey Lomangino who has known the visionary since 1963. Joey vividly recalls Conchita telling him that the Virgin said there would not be a third world war. According to Joey, there may be skirmishes or limited wars between countries but not a global conflict.

A second source of reference is Anne Mequeli from Brentwood, New York. Anne, a dedicated worker for the New York Center Scapular Committee, is a good friend of Conchita’s and frequently attends the visionary’s weekly holy hour to ‘pray for priests’. She gives the following testimony:

One night in Conchita’s house, everyone was talking about the ‘Cuban Crisis’ when Conchita said to me, “At that time in my village, all the people feared a third world war and everyone had radios close to their ears waiting to hear of such a war. But I had an apparition at the time and the Blessed Virgin told me, ‘No World War Three.”

A third source of reference is a taped conversation between Conchita and Bishop Franciso Garmendia, Auxillary Bishop of New York, on August 27, 1981. In answer to the Bishop’s question about the ‘end of times,’ Conchita responded:

The Virgin told me that before the Miracle, there will be only three popes (Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II). That same day—I don’t know if you remember but in France they were saying that in 1962 world war would break out—she (The Virgin) told us that there would never be another world war. Everybody, in fact, was frightened that day, including me, when the Virgin appeared and said, “Don’t be afraid because there will never be a world war.”

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