The New York Center

A New Way

Yet that same year a new form of promotion was launched with the website

The first decade of the new millennium saw a great revival in knowledge and interest in Garabandal triggered by a flood of newly available information made public through the Internet and also by the death of Blessed John Paul II and the prophecy related to his passing and the end of an epoch.

Cumulative viewership of numbers in the millions with visitors originating in over one hundred and fifty three countries and all fifty American states.

For the Glory of God

After forty five years of steady promotion, the New York Center in Lindenhurst continues to operate under the guidance of Rachael and Silvio Leonti who carry on the the distribution of Garabandal materials.

Joey Lomangino has reached his eighties and the last stage of his journey of faith. He is no longer able to provide leadership to the global Garabandal movement due to his health and all that attends advancing age.

Honored by the Church for his stewardship, recognized by his native borough of Brooklyn for his efforts on behalf of the blind, Joey has been successful in his enterprise and given a wonderful spouse and a young and growing family, blessings he did not anticipate.

He looks forward to the Great Miracle and his new eyes with gratitude as a final testament to the validity of the apparitions and the conclusion of his life’s work on behalf of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal.



When I met Conchita in Garabandal in 1963, she was just a teenager. She wrote to me in New York telling me to come to the village in 1965 for the Second Message. We have been friends for 36 years.

Recently, we had lunch in her home in New York. She is a grandmother now. Following my heart attack in October 1999, she came to my house to pray and now I was very grateful to be able to return the visit.

We talked about the acceptance of every kind of suffering and the importance of the Holy Eucharist. Conchita said so many people are asking each other what to do and who has the answers, but have forgotten, she went on, that the answer is Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

“Go to the church by yourself and sit in front of the Real Presence. Listen,” she said, “don’t talk, listen to the Lord. He will tell you what to do.”

She reminded me of the Holy Father and the physical suffering he endures, “This is what makes his efforts especially pleasing to God.”

Padre Pio said it best, “If you knew the value of suffering, you wouldn’t give it up.”

–Joey Lomangino, c. 2000



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